Well, I guess nobody likes a relationship when your significant other insists on you breaking up with your other significant others.
Well, yeah, you can give them what they want, but don't ask, you give them things that makes them happy, you give them love, but hey, simply telling them a truthful "You are my one and only" can have such a big impact since it has been quite a while of them putting up with the situation at hand. No? Maybe, I am too old-fashioned to this whole relationship thingy, which nowadays revolves around sex and money, money and sex. Nobody gives a shit anymore.
But I do, and it hurts.

I am one step from the boiling point. One degree per a talk about this situation. One more is going to be the last.
It's way past "Man, relationships are hard". It is "Man fucking up and grow some fucking balls already".
I do understand that it's a somewhat life-changing choice to make, especially without a chance to test-drive the second target. But hey, life is greedy for demo-versions. It doesn't make you disgustingly rich or immortal for a day. Why does this one have to be different?
Scared to lose everything by picking the wrong guy? Well, I am scared to lose everything, too. And, at the risk of sounding pathetically self-indulgent, my everything is you.

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